Starting at: $133 / night (avg)
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Bed types: QXX (sleeps 4)

Maui Vista Unit

E komo mai meke aloha kakou! Welcome to Maui Vista 1225.

For the thirteen years we have been associated with vrbo, we have used this space to tell you about the features and benefits of our condo. We have wanted you to know what others have said about staying with us and about the care and love we have lavished on the unit. And so we are going to offer you one recent review here before we go into changes brought about by covid and suggest that you read other reviews included on this listing.

Another AMAZING Maui visit
In past reviews, I have raved about Stafford and Nancy's place. This one continues that pattern. It's hard to honestly describe how nice this condo is, how well located, how EXTREMELLY well stocked, and how AMAZING the owners are. We had a wonderful time (except we had to leave and come home). Nancy checked in with us on our first day to make sure everything was great, and gave us a farewell call on our last day. I have rented from VRBO probably 30 times, and this couple are hands down the best owners to work with. If you get an opportunity, book this condo - you will be thrilled. But dont book in January - we plan to come back every year.
1/27/2022 at 10:37 PM

So now about changes brought about by covid -- and at the end (like a PS) some tax information.

It's not news that life everywhere has changed because of the pandemic.. Here, we will focus more on the way things will be different in our condo that they were before the outbreak of the virus. Some things will be visible and others won’t.

Most visible is the bedding. Maui Condo and Home has required that, in all units MCH manages, comforters, bed skirts, and bedspreads will be or have been removed from the beds. In their place is a bed-making method called three sheeting. As the name suggests, a top, third sheet is used instead of a bedspread or comforter because it can be washed easily for each new guest. There will be a bottom fitted sheet and a top sheet, there may or may not be a light blanket (depending on the temperature), and then there is a third sheet over the top. Additionally, if pillow shams or decorative pillows are used, the sham and the pillow covers have to be washable.

A bed scarf or bed runner may be put across the bottom of the bed for decorative purposes, but it also must be washable.

We have ordered king microfiber top sheets because the larger size will serve to cover the box springs and microfiber wrinkles less than cotton. We have also ordered washable microfiber pillow shams and washable bed scarves to add color.
Maui Condo and Home made the decision to standardize the color of the third sheet. They will be white.

The look may not be as appealing as it was previously with lovely tropical comforters, shams, and decorative pillows, but the ease with which the new items can be washed and dried is of paramount importance.

What might not be visible is the care with which our house cleaners will work to keep our condo not only clean but also sanitized. The housekeepers will be sanitizing surface areas as well as door and cabinet knobs, light switches, faucets and toilet handles, sinks, toilets, and the tub.

By now you know that the best way to keep yourself and your family safe is by being vaccinated, and following the CDC guidelines on social distancing; washing your hands regularly, especially when you have come into the condo after you have been outside; wearing a mask (not a lot of fun, but I still wear one when I'm in stores or restaurants - ok, not when I'm eating!); leaving your shoes outside the condo.. We support these actions and will have an abundance of soap and cleaners available.

Almost three years ago, the CDC has altered its guidance on virus transmission. The revised guidance stated, in headline-size type, “The virus spreads easily between people.” We know that now. But it made another key change to its guidance, clarifying what sources are not major risks. Under the new heading “The virus does not spread easily in other ways,” the agency explains that touching contaminated objects or surfaces does not appear to be a significant mode of transmission. But as you are no doubt aware, the guidance from the CDC, vrbo, and other experts, is constantly evolving. We urge you to keep yourselves current on this guidance.

However, when you decide to travel, whether to Hawaii or elsewhere, there is the risk that you might contact this virus. It’s a risk that you need to think about and decide if you want to assume. We, our managers and our cleaners, and the State of Hawaii are doing our best to keep you safe, but, in the final analysis, the risk is yours.

Three final legal issues: we must provide our tax registration number(s) - they are GE 014-590-3616-01 and TA 014-590-3616-01 - our management company information: Maui Condo and Home, phone number 808-8789-5445 - and our tax map key/parcel ID: RP 2-3-9-018-003-0048-000

We hope that you will decide to travel to Maui and that you will seriously consider staying in Maui Vista 1225.

A hui hou, (until we "talk" again),

Nancy and Stafford Lombard

More information on taxes:

As on Feb.. 1, 2021, vrbo has added THE GENERAL EXCISE TAX OF 4.167% TO ITS SERVICE FEE (not their idea - the state required it). Vrbo shows that tax separately.

However, vrbo now is co-mingling (with the accommodations taxes) the tax you are charged on the management fee from Maui Condo and Home (our on-island managers, required by law). The fee of $50 is shown separately but the Transient Accommodations Tax and the General Excise Tax on the $50 are co-mingled with those taxes on accommodations.. Hawaii requires that you are told what taxes you are paying - taxes that are "visibly passed through" to you, so that's why this note. You will be paying $8.71 on the $50 Maui Condo fee.

THERE IS ONE MORE TAX ADDITION: The State of Hawaii has decided to take from the counties the part of the Transient Accommodations Tax that has traditionally been given to the counties. As you might imagine, that change has a significant effect on the budgets in all the counties. This change was effective Nov. 1, 2021 for new reservations - reservations previously in effect where a payment of any amount has been paid and a contract exists, still pay the 14.42%.

The state legislature then voted to allow the counties themselves to levy the amount of tax the state took away. Consequently, on Maui, the TA tax that used to be 10.25% has increased to 13.25% for a total tax of 17.42% on accommodations and anything related, such as cleaning, resort fees, or parking.

This applies to any new bookings as of Nov. 1, 2021.

Registration Number: 2390180030048,+TA-014-590-3616-01,+GE-014-590-3616-01