Listing Your Vacation Rentals on

Key Benefits:
  1. More Bookings
    Hawaii's rental market is competitive. will get your properties more bookings. Our website is used by 500,000 visitors per year.

  2. Connect Directly with Customers
    We don't charge guests any fees. Guests deal directly with you.

  3. Affordable's rates are affordable, with discounts for multiple listings. Please contact us for a custom price quote.

  4. No Effort
    We create your initial listing/s for you - just point us to a website that contains the information and photos. You can edit your listing at anytime, or simply email us to update it for you!
Creating a listing

On the sign up form you simply point us to an existing listing or website that advertises your rental. We'll prepare a new listing for you based on that. Once the listing is ready, you'll have access to edit it as needed.

Please note - a listing must advertise a specific rental, it can not represent a generic unit. You must be the owner of the rental, or the official property manager, to list rentals on We only accept legal rental units.

Listing styles - inquiries vs clicks

Normally potential guests will contact you by filling out an inquiry form on your listing page. If you have your own website, or a booking platform you prefer (like Vrbo®), you can choose to have potential guests contact you by visiting that website. In this case the inquiry form is replaced with a "Visit Owner's Website" link.

Rental search result order

Your order in the search results fluctuates as we try to balance exposure. When available you can purchase a top 40 (first page) ranking for a small additional fee.

Availability calendars

We don't maintain our own calendar format as most people don't have time to maintain multiple calendars. Instead your listing can point to any existing calendar.

My rental is not licensed

Please note accepts only legal vacation rentals. This includes rentals that don't need a permit due to the zoning of their location.