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About is Hawaii's vacation rental directory, in business since 2008. We list legally licensed vacation rentals from verified owners and managers. That means you don't have to worry about fake rentals, or illegal rentals that are at risk of being shut down.

Our carefully curated directory contains over 6000 rentals, representing the best of Hawaii. We evaluate and categorize each rental to give you a consistent search experience, and make it easy to find the perfect accommodation for your holiday. To receive a beachfront designation, a rental must be on a good beach that is generally considered safe. And oceanview really does mean oceanview, since we're responsible for the classification.

You'll also find aerial photos of Hawaii's condo resorts, so you can get a feel for the area and location.

When browsing a rental listing, notice the "Visit Managers's Website" or "Contact Owner Directly" links on the the page. Use those links to get detailed information about a rental and make reservation inquiries. You will be directed to the manager/owner's booking web page where you can get a detailed price quote and book online.

Listed rental rates are for reference and vary by season, and do not includes taxes and fees. The "starting price" is the low season rate based on a week long stay. Please verify exact pricing with the owner. When you book online on a manager's website you will be quoted an exact price including taxes and fees.

We strive to verify that the information provided on the site is accurate, including the information that owners/managers provide on their listing pages. But please verify important details with the owner.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help with your holiday plans!