Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. What is
  2. What is your privacy policy when I register?
  3. What is the benefit of creating an account?
  4. How reliable is the your data?
  5. What does Starting Price mean in the search results?
  6. What do the luxury rating stars mean?
  7. What is the default sort order of search results?
  8. What does "Bed Types" mean?
What is

HawaiiGaga maintains the world's most organized and comprehensive directory of Hawaii vacation rentals. The web site indexes over 5000 rentals from nearly 1000 different web sites and provides powerful search tools to search the catalog. The goal of HawaiiGaga is to make it easy for Hawaii travelers to find a rental that matches their preferences.

HawaiiGaga is also an online travel guide, providing a wide assortment of Hawaii travel information including weather guides, safety information, panoramic photos of Hawaii's attractions, interactive maps, activity information, travel articles, beach ratings, and rental reviews.

What is your privacy policy when I register?

We will never share your email address. We do not have a newsletter at present. In future, we may start one but we will only send it to you with your approval.

What is the benefit of creating an account?

You will be allowed to post messages in the Forums and write rental reviews. Also, you can save properties and activities that are of interest. The web site saves these for you permanently so that you can return to view them later, or share them with others. To share them, first you tell the web site that its ok for others to view your favorites. Then people can type in your user name (even unregistered users) in the Saved Favorites section to see what you have saved. This is especially useful if you are planing a trip and want other members of your party to see what places and activities you like.

How reliable is your data?

We are continually working to keep the data on this web site accurate and up to date, but you must always base your final rental decision on information acquired directly from the property owner or management company, and double check information. For example, if we have mapped the property, be sure to ask for the address to confirm the location.

What does Starting Price mean in the search results?

The starting price is an estimate only and typically represents the lowest price available - i.e. based on the low season price when you stay for at least a week (stays for less than a week often have a higher daily price). The price does not include tax (12%) or cleaning fees. Owners often change their pricing and so our prices can be out of date, but we try to verify the prices periodically.

What do the luxury rating stars mean?

Luxury ratings are intended to provide course guidance only and are not a good measure of the quality of a property.
Unrated property's mean that it was too difficult for us to apply a rating because of a lack of information, or that we have yet to rate the property. Our scale does not follow the very loose hotel star rating "convention." Rather, you will find that the average property receives 2.5 stars, and that very few properties fall in the 4.5+ category.

1.5 Stars:
Basic - May be lacking some amenities 
2 Stars:
Value Oriented - (relative to other properties in the area) 
2.5 Stars:
Moderate - Representing the average rental
3 Stars:
Comfortable - An aesthetically pleasing home emphasizing comfort
3.5 Stars:
Elegant - The property has several distinguished characteristics to set it apart
4 Stars:
Deluxe - Lavishly appointed; many striking features
4.5 Stars:
Luxurious - Wanting nothing
5 Stars:
Opulent - A masterpiece; many unique features without peer

What is the default sort order of search results?

Internally we rate how well a property represents itself - how quickly and easily one can make an informed decision about the property, based on the source listing as well as data on our site. We call this Listing Quality. By default search results are sorted with higher quality listings shown first. The primary factors that influence this rating are: number, size, and quality of photos given the property size, whether the property has an active availability calendar, whether user reviews or testimonials are avaiable, whether the property is mapped precisely (the address known), and whether or not the owner or management company is actively involved in the listing (keeping pricing accurate, posting specials, updating availability etc.)

What does "Bed Types" mean?

This code shows the size of the beds available on the property.
For example, KQQQT = 1 King Bed, 3 Queen Beds, and a Twin Bed.

Here are the abbreviations:

K = King,
Q = Queen,
T = Twin,
F = Full,
S = Sofabed,
B = Bunkbed,
X = Other.