Lanikai Beach, Oahu

Lanikai beach is one of Hawaii's most picturesque beaches with fine white sand and excellent swimming year-round thanks to an offshore reef that keeps the water calm. The beach is ideal for small children and those who dont like to contend with waves. Less than a mile offshore are two small islands (bird sanctuaries) that one can kayak to. Lanikai is nestled in a corner of Kailua town, hemmed in by hills, and the exclusive residential neighborhood built around the ocean adds to the beachs charm. In years gone by Lanikai was without peer. Eventually the word got out and Lanikai was featured prominently in many publications (including TV). Unfortunately this turned a once quiet and peaceful beach into a popular excursion for visitors from other parts of the island. The mile long beach has also lost a lot of its precious sand to erosion in recent years and is nearly half the size it once was. Still, Lanikai cant but please those who dont reminisce over the beach of yesteryear..