Red Sand Beach, Maui

Red Sand beach is one of the most unusual and interesting beaches in Hawaii. The beach has been carved into the side of a steep cinder cone. Lava rocks create a natural pool and provide some protection against the otherwise dangerous ocean. The contrast between the deep blue water and shades of red sand and soil create an otherworldly scene.

Unfortunately this beach is not easy to access. You have to be comfortable walking on steep slippery dirt, and capable of climbing up a 3ft high lava rock (shelf). A small section of the path is very narrow and a slip would be catastrophic. If you accidentally take the wrong path (the old path that disappeared in a land slide) you could put yourself in danger since the path seemingly vanishes. The path is not recommended for children.

The Tour Guide will tell you where to park - it's just before the entrance to a section of the Hotel Hana Maui's Cottages. To find the beach path, you walk about 40 yards through the Children's Center (it looks like a school) field. Then look for a path that cuts through the brush. Now, make your way down to the ocean at the first opportunity. Do not attempt to walk around the hill, since that path has deteriorated. You'll walk along the rocks beside the ocean for maybe 100 ft, then climb up the lava bench, and walk along the rocks for another 100 - 200 ft until you see the dirt path on the side of the hill. The rest will be obvious.

Remember, the ocean here could be very dangerous. Only a resident who frequents this area throughout the year will be able to give you sound safety advice. If the waves are crashing on the rocks where the path is, you should turn back. Check the surf report to get an idea of what may be possible today so that you don't get caught off guard.

You may see locals jumping off some rocks into the ocean. This is not recommended. The ocean and currents here are too dangerous for this to be safe..