Hamoa Beach, Maui

Many guides like to rave about Hamoa beach, citing James Michener who apparently called it the most beautiful beach in the Pacific, or some other publication that has rated it as one of the top in the United States.

The problem with the artificial hype is that it creates expecations that the beach can't possibly live up to (except perhaps on the most perfect of days). The surf break at Hamoa beach can often be rough, breaking abruptly on the beach. The area is also prone to strong currents and exposed to open ocean and large waves, so be careful about entering the ocean. Remember, guide books just don't undestand remote beaches like this one, so you're very much on your own to assess risks (unless the guide author lives in Hana, they haven't spent enough time at this remote location to understand it well). The best time to visit Hamoa beach is in the morning.

Hamoa Beach Hamoa Beach