Olivine Pools, Maui

The Olivine Pools, as the area is referred to by the popular Maui Revealed guide book, are a series of tide pools that sometimes offer protected swimming. That guide books speaks of the area with great enthusiasm, and as such many tourists visit the area, but in our opinion the pools are more of a novelty item. A nice stop for people driving around the island, but certainly not an end-destination. The Olivine pools are very exposed to the ocean, and caution needs to be excercised. We can't offer much guidance, but please be aware that people have died here after being swept off the rocks and into the ocean. Check the surf report before you venture down. In our estimation, if the surf forecast calls for waves greater than 4ft the risks become very difficult to judge (remember, the surf forecast tells you what to expect, not what you're currently seeing). Stay away from where the rocks connect to the open ocean..