Acid War Zone Trail, Maui

This isn't so much a trail as it is a hike along section of coast that has been terribly eroded by salt spray and wind (hence the name). The hike starts at a parking lot where dirt bikes have carved up numerous trails - the Tour Guide will alert you to its location. Following any of these paths to the east for about 500 yards will take you to a light beacon. The views from the beacon are pretty, and you'll notice some tide pools to the west of the beacon, below the cliff. Despite the ladder, those pools are too difficult to reach even for the most agile. To the east a rugged coastline reveals itself, and you may even see a small blowhole, not to be confused with the larger Nakalele Blowhole which is the destination for this hike.

There is no marked path, but if you make your way down to the coast, you can walk along it through the twisted landscape, finally reaching the Nakele Blowhole. It's about 600 yards from the light beacon to the blowhole, and you'll be making your way around the coast. The Nakalele Blowhole can spew ocean 50 ft into the air when the conditions are right.

Despite the enticing name, this is not a hike we recommend unless the conditions are perfect and you're physically able to walk on slippery dirt and over rocky terrain. This area is often extremely windy, so much so that it really makes for an unpleasant hike. The coast here is also very exposed to open ocean, and it's easy to misjudge conditions and get too close. Check the surf report so that you have an idea of what is possible. Keep your distance from any blowhole as well as exposed ocean.

Remember, you can view the Nakalele Blowhole from other vantages points along the road..