Sealodge Beach, Kauai

Sealodge beach is a secluded beach below the Sealodge condominium complex. The beach is often empty, frequented only by the guests of the condo. The beach offers a small but interesting area to snorkel when the ocean is calm and tides are high. During low tides it's a little too shallow. In the panormaic photo at the bottom of the page you'll see a channel between the rocks. This is the snorkeling area.

It takes roughly 10 minutes to walk the beautiful forest path to get here, and one has to climb down some boulders to access the beach. Turn left at the bottom of the hill and follow the oceanside path. Mosquitoes are sometimes a problem since the forest is close to the beach.

For the adventurous and agile: when you reach the ocean at the bottom of the path, instead of turning left to go to Sealodge beach, head right. You'll have to climb down some boulders and over rocks. About 100 yards down the coast you'll find a very pretty waterfall.

The Sealodge condos don't offer public parking - instead look for the 3 or 4 parking spaces located at the entrance of the Pahio Shearwater complex next door (truck and trailer in the map photo).

Sealodge Beach Sealodge Beach Sealodge Beach Sealodge Beach