Rock Quarry Beach, Kauai

Rock Quarry, also know as Kahili beach, is a popular surf spot especially during the summer when the rest of the north shore is quiet. The beach faces the east and often experiences wind waves. A temperamental beach break makes it unsuitable for novice swimmers most of the time. Many people enjoy kayaking in the river adjacent to the beach but swimming in fresh water is not recommended due to Leptospirosis (see our health guides).

Although the beach has a fairly nice reef on the right side of the bay, conditions are almost never good for snorkeling here due to wind waves, the reef break, and a difficult to notice current that channels water out of the reef.

Across the river on the left side of the bay is a rocky coastline with tide pools. This area should only be explored during low surf (surf forecast of waves less than 3ft). The tide pools here are never safe to swim in. The largest pool is inviting, but it takes a very small wave (possible at any time due to wind, tide changes etc.) to generate enough force to flush you out of the pool and into open ocean.

The road leading down to the beach is dirt but drivable with any vehicle..