Moloaa Bay, Kauai

Moloa'a Bay is a picturesque and great beach to visit when the ocean is calm and winds are light, particularly during the summer months. Both the east and west sections of the bay have small but good snorkeling areas. A beautiful hiking trail (roughly 1 mile round trip) wanders along the coast toward Larsen's beach.

Moloaa Bay experiences the least amount of rain of Kauai's north shore beaches. When rain threatens the north shore give Moloaa Bay a try provided it's not too windy (the beach is fairly exposed to wind and not as pleasant on windy days).

Despite the often placid appearance of the area in the summer, strong currents can form around the bay and reefs. Do not swim across the bay or in the center of the bay. In the aerial photo, the red stars denote the best places to swim, and the yellow star the best place to snorkel. Do not venture past the edge of the reef, that's when you'll encounter currents flowing out of the bay.

Parking is very limited and may be an issue on weekends, but the beach is quiet during the week. A couple episodes of the TV show Gilligan's Island were filled here. Be sure to check out the below Moloaa Bay Virtual Tour. You must have Flash player installed.

Moloaa Bay Virtual Tour

Moloaa Bay Moloaa Bay