Lawai Beach, Kauai

Lawai beach, also known as Beach house beach, is one of the south shore's premier snorkeling and surfing spots. Three surf breaks are accessed from here: PKs, Centers and Acid Drops. The surf breaks are over reefs and not suitable for beginners but PKs, the break directly in front of the Beach house restaurant, can be tackled by novice surfers during high tides and smaller swells. Centers and Acid Drops are difficult breaks that go off in larger swells and are only attempted by very experienced surfers.

The pocket of sand at Lawai beach is small and quickly turns to rock at the water’s edge. Sun bathers enjoy the beach during low tides, but the real attraction is the snorkeling. The offshore reefs force waves to break far from shore, creating calm conditions for snorkelers. Even during the summer months when the south shores experience bigger surf Lawai beach can accommodate snorkelers most of the time. It’s only when surf heights exceed perhaps 6 ft that the ocean becomes too choppy for snorkelers here.

Lawai beach is also a great area to watch surfers and spot sea turtles.

Lawai Beach