Larsen's Beach, Kauai

Set in a peaceful rural area, Larsen's is one of Kauai’s most scenic beaches. Although Larsen's can offer good snorkeling during the summer, conditions are simply too deceptive and dangerous, with strong currents channeling through the reefs. The ocean here should be approached with extreme caution, noting that strong currents exist even in perfectly calm conditions. Snorkeling at Larsen’s is for experts only or those with a support craft. From 1970 – 2012 eleven people drowned at Larsen’s, most during the summer. This is an alarming number considering how few people visit the beach every year. There are a couple pockets of sand where one can get wet; just don’t venture anywhere near a reef channel that leads to deep water and stay close to shore.

Larsen’s has a reputation as a nude beach although you’ll likely only see a small handful of people without clothes. If you are interested in sunbathing nude on Kauai, Larsen’s would be your first choice, followed by Secret Beach. Incidentally, there is no county or state law banning nude sunbathing, but state parks like Haena Beach Park have ordinances against it. The behavioral "norm" in Hawaii is that nude sunbathing is limited to a small handful of established locations. Hawaii’s Supreme Court has ruled that nude sunbathing is not considered obscenity when the person is not intentionally trying to alarm or affront..