Welcome to HawaiiGaga.com's Hawaii Trivia Challenge. There are 95 questions split up into 7 sections. It takes about 10 minutes to answer all the trivia questions, or you can play just one section. Test your Hawaii knowledge, learn some fun facts, and see how your knowledge stacks up to other Hawaii fans.

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Part 1 - General Hawaii Trivia - 28 Questions

Which of the following famous Hawaiian Sumo wrestlers was actually born in Samoa? Listen to the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Iz) song for a hint?

Which island has the nickname The Target Isle?

Are palm trees native to Hawaii?

What is a hula dancing school called?

What is the Hawaii state fish?

Kanaka Creek, settled by Hawaiians, is located where?

What is the wettest spot on earth?

In what month does Hawaii receive the most tourists?

The highest sea cliffs in the world are in?

Which island has the most tourism?

In the open ocean, Tsunami waves typically travel at roughly what speed?

Which island has the nickname The Garden Isle?

Some bird species migrate from Alaska to Hawaii for the winter

What is Hawaii's state motto?

What controversy surrounds the placement of surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku's statue?

Which is the second largest Hawaiian Island?

Where is Hawaii's largest waterfall?

What is Lanai's nickname?

What was the first Hawaiian Hotel to be named one of the Top 3 in the world by Conde Nast Traveler?

Which island has the nickname The Gathering Place?

What resort area in Hawaii has the driest climate?

What is Niihau's nickname?

How many people live on Niihua?

The Outdoor Circle, Hawaii's beautification organization, has planted how many trees since 1912?

Hawaii is the only U.S. state where the sun does what?

How many shark attacks per year does Hawaii average?

What is the Hawaii state bird?

Where does the Passion fruit plant get it's name from?

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Part 2 - Big Island Trivia - 10 Questions

What is the Big Island's biggest beach?

What is Kona snow?

How many sugar plantations are there on the Big Island of Hawaii?

How many plants were used to landscape the lava fields around the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel when it opened in 1965?

In what year was Kapoho Hot Springs Resort destroyed by Lava?

Why was the Big Island's Merrie Monarch Festival founded, in 1963

What is Vog?

Which of the following is not the name of a Big Island Volcano?

What event destroyed Waipio Valley's hotel, restaurant, church, jail, school and post office in 1946?

What is so special about Mo'okini Heiau (Temple)?

Part 3 - Kauai Trivia - 10 Questions

How did barking sands beach on Kauai get its name?

Which of the following movies does not include scenes from Kauai?

Which of the following is not the name of a Kauai vacation rental condominium?

In what year were Kauai's first traffic lights installed?

How much did it cost to turn the Kauai Surf Hotel into the Westin Kauai in 1987?

How many full blooded Hawaiians live on Kauai?

What film was shot on Kauai during Hurricane Iniki and uses actual footage?

How many times has Mitzi Gaynor, star of the movie South Pacific, been to Kauai?

According to Hawaiian Legend, what lives in the Mountain pools above Hanalei?

According to legend, what is the Sleeping Giant mountain on Kauai?

Part 4 - Maui Trivia - 10 Questions

Why are the Seven Sacred Pools, nearby Hana, Sacred?

How many one lane bridges does the road to Hana have?

Haleakala is Hawaiian for?

How much did it cost to build the Hyatt Regency in Maui, in 1980?

Why is the Ritz Carlton Kapalua not situated on the beach?

In the mid 1960's, what was located on Big Beach, Maui

When was the road to Hana built, using prison labor?

How many curves are there in the road to Hana?

How many bridges are crossed in traveling the road to Hana?

What Maui Hotel has a 16" rooftop telescope and astronomy program?

Part 5 - Oahu Trivia - 13 Questions

What is Kekaimalu, born in sea life park?

Who are the caretakers of Queen Emma's Summer Palace?

How many veterans and family members are buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl crater?

Who controls one fourth of the land on Oahu?

When it opened in 1959, Ala Moana shopping center was billed as?

What is Magic Island?

What is the name of Oahu's bus system?

What group is honored by the Natatorium, the saltwater pool next to Sans Souci beach in Waikiki?

How did Diamond Head crater get its name?

How many people visit Hanauma Bay every year?

What is Oahu's longest beach?

According to Hawaiian Legend, what is Chinaman's Hat on Oahu?

What did Elvis Presley help build by donating his 1961 Honolulu concert proceeds?

Part 6 - History Trivia - 14 Questions

What do the eight horizontal stripes on Hawaii's flag represent?

What was Kuemanu Heiau a temple for?

Who of the following have lived in Hawaii?

Kamehameha is the Hawaiian term for?

What animal did George Vancouver introduce to Hawaii?

Captain Cook initially called Hawaii the “Sandwich Islands” after…

Until 1819, under the Hawaiian Kapu system, what was the punishment for a woman caught eating a Coconut?

In 1919 the native Hawaiian population was 22,600. What was the population estimated to be in 1778?

Which of the following did Polynesian voyagers not use as a navigation aid?

Why is there a statue of Sun Yat Sen (founder of Taiwan) in Chinatown?

Which 2 Hawaiians have their statues displayed in Statuary Hall in Washington DC?

How did Beretania St. in Honolulu get it's name?

Who did Hawaiians think Captain James Cook was?

Why did Hawaiian missionaries ban surfing and canoeing?

Part 7 - Hawaiian Language Trivia - 10 Questions

The word Hawai'i has a mark between the two i's. What is this Hawaiian language mark called?

What is the Hawaiian word for turtle?

What does the Hawaiian word Poipu mean?

How many letters does the Hawaiian alphabet have?

In Hawaii, what are Pupus?

What does Ala Moana mean?

What does Lahaina mean in the Hawaiian language?

What does the Hawaiian word Kokua mean?

What does the Hawaiian word Hale mean?

What is a humu-humu-nuku-nuku-apuaa?