Starting at: $1002 / night (avg)
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Bed types: (sleeps 6)

Polo Beach Club 109

** Please note, free night discounts are already included in the advertised rate and no additional deductions are necessary.** Vacation in ultimate style in this extra-large two bed, two bath luxury villa at the beautiful Polo Beach Resort in exclusive Wailea. This ground floor villa features beachfront views, ground floor access, and all the modern touches. The chef's kitchen is your gourmet home-away-from-home, and your family will create the best memories dining and lounging just steps away from the beach. For ultimate modern comfort, this villa includes (at no additional cost) the Premium Media Package featuring: ultra-high-speed Internet with 50Mb download speed and 15Mb upload speed for concurrently streaming audio and video to multiple devices, 300 High Definition cable channel service, and movie guide. Come experience the ultimate luxuries of the old and new worlds here in this beautiful villa!
Book With Confidence Guarantee: To protect your vacation investment from Covid-19 related travel interruptions, KBM Resorts is proud to offer our Book With Confidence Guarantee to provide you the flexibility to postpone and reschedule your reservation for a future travel date at any KBM Resort within 24 months of your original travel date in the event a Covid-19 related stay-at-home quarantine restriction exists in the city of your vacation destination. There are no rebooking fees and 100% of all proceeds received are credited toward your future reservation. To further protect your vacation investment, we strongly encourage all guests purchase travel insurance in the event they test positive for Covid prior to departure. Safety Update: To protect your health and safety, KBM Resort's housekeeping and maintenance teams use the industry's leading cleaning and sanitization products. Our housekeeping staff employ masks, rubber gloves, and sanitizer lotions and perform enhanced sanitization of frequently handled surfaces such as door handles, light switch covers, remote controls, faucet knobs, flush levers, phones, windows, refrigerator handles and similar touch surfaces. Your KBM Resort Luxury home is delivered clean, safe, and sanitized for your enjoyment.
Please note due to a restriction by The Polo Beach Club, KBM Resorts is unable to provide boogie boards for this villa. In addition, The Polo Beach Club has provided the following disclaimer as part of your rental agreement: 1) The Association of Apartment Owners of The Polo Beach Club (the "Association") and the owner of the unit are not responsible for and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, death, loss or damage to property suffered by me, anyone occupying the unit with me, or our guests while staying at The Polo Beach Club. Vehicle drivers acknowledge that the Association assumes no liability for theft or damages to vehicles parked on premises. For purposes of this acknowledgment, "personal injury, death, loss or damage to property" includes but is not limited to all claims arising from: (i) the failure of operating systems or appliances within or outside the unit and (ii) the use and enjoyment of the Polo Beach Club condominium project and the ocean and beach adjacent to it. 2)Entering and swimming in a pool or the ocean is always hazardous under any conditions and may cause serious bodily injury and sometimes death. Ocean hazards include but are not limited to dangerous shore break/waves, strong current/undertow, high surf, jelly fish and the possibility of sharks. 3)Anyone entering and swimming in the pools or ocean assumes the risks associated with such action. 4)Neither the owner of the unit nor the Association, provide a lifeguard for the beach, ocean or swimming pool areas and accept no responsibility for the use of the beach, ocean or swimming pools by me, anyone occupying the unit with me, or any of our guests.

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