Starting at: $142 / night (avg)
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Bed types: (sleeps 4)

Awapuhi Views

Our home is located halfway down the Miloli'i Rd. We have a very large master bedroom with a King bed, the Master has bow- windows and its own door to the wrap around deck.oceanside deck. The Master bedroom has a walk-in closet, and en suite bath with tub and shower and twin sinks. The Second bedroom is smaller, has a queen bed, and has sliding doors to its own side of the deck. It has 2 closets, and a nearby bathroom with shower. Fixtures are by Kohler throughout. All rooms have great reading lights. The Kitchen is well stocked, including spices, and the usual electronics. Coffee maker, French press, and a small grinder. The dishwater includes a steam cycle. This region is on catchment (rain) water. Filtered springwater is provided via a counter dispenser. A rainwater storage tank is located below the house and includes all the safety modifications recommended by the Univ of HI guidelines, including a UV sterilizer. You will slightly hear the water pump going on and off. We do not drink the water. It is safe for personal and kitchen use, and is pH buffered, but we do NOTdrink the water. The showers have a little switch on the faucets to adjust/limit the flow . In the kitchen, a brita filter pitcher is in the refrigerator and is used for the final rinse on food prep. Drinking water will be provided also. Use the drinking water to make ice cubes. You may also fill some of our jugs in the garage from the free spring water at Waiohino to the south (just before Naalehu). It is the best tasting water ever. Other free sites are available also. If you are going out hiking or taking long day trips to the Volcano, having ample water in your auto is a must for drinking or rinsing off.

The patio furniture is lightweight, so feel free to move it around to suit your needs. House features include granite counters that look like lava flow, and travertine stone, or cherry wood floors, and new privacy French doors. The dining area is cozy and colorful. The large island is great for planning from your maps.The artwork is part local artist (Cindy Coats), and part unique, or gifted pieces. All ceiling fans are new, and for warmer times, there is an easy to use, portable 10,000 BTU A/C unit. But really... the night "land breeze" comes down from 14,000 ft, so we've only used it once!

We have wireless wi-fi from a local system that works well, the signal is boosted up to us via antenna with about 10 channels, and a blue Ray player and assorted DVDs in the TV stand . Mobile cellular devices will work best once you sign into the wifi network. The router is strong, so you can keep up with your calls and emails from the deck. To aid your planning,there are maps, and reading books that can be swapped out while you are with us. The living room includes a futon sofa, which can be opened if you prefer.

Miloli'I, old the Hawaiian fishing village, is down the road and to the south a bit, and is a story unto itself. You drive through the Hawaiian residences to get to the old historic village. A natural lava flow becomes the boat launch area. Fishing tournaments are held regularly. Lock you car. Bring a ziplock dry bag for your keys. In the village and looking to the right: there is a sea wall that has is a ladder for easy water entry and exit. The snorkeling is pristine, but don't snorkel in the boating areas! The sea wall may be used by boats to off load people, or to use the crane like-lift for larger tuna. So keep an eye out for boats. Shore diving is also super from this area, and can be arranged. So bring your Certification-card.
If your are up for a little hike... just past the gathering hut on the left (south)side, and the basketball court, is a walkway to another bay called Honomolino Bay. Follow the coastline until you see a little tidal bay, and the trees get thick. Look for the yellow painted arrows to find the trail. Part of the trail is open to the sunshine, so pack water, wear sturdy shoes and bring your lunch and snorkel gear. You may have this beautiful palm tree lined, black sand beach all to yourself. Two beach chairs with carry straps are ready for your use.
Another snorkel place is at the northern end of the Miloli'i subdivision. Follow the road all the way down and bear to the right corner. You may see cars parked at "the snorkel rock". This is a series of rocks that have been cemented and boarded together. Don't go in when there is a swell/surf. Experienced snorkelers only, as you have to swim back to the snorkel rock to get out of the water. Kayak guides are available in the area with access from either snorkel site.

Back at the house, for outdoor cooking, there is a gas grill in the garage. Please use it on the driveway for fire safety. The subdivision has a small volunteer fire service truck, their tank kept full from its own catchment water system. Otherwise Fire and EMS from Captain Cook, may be 30 -40 minutes away. Citronella candles are there for use as needed at dusk. Milolii historically has had a dry climate, but 3 years of El Nino rains have increased ground cover plants, and with it mosquitos. County spraying is done at times, and and at our property soapy sprays are used regularly. Skin bug sprays are up on the refrigerator, for your use as needed, especially at dawn and dusk. Please be careful walking on loose rocks, and hilly areas. It takes a few days to adjust to the terrain. Do NOT go below the house from the right (north) side, as its too steep for those unfamiliar. The steepness of parts of our lot, and the natural ravine between us and our neighbors to the north, is the reason we limit children to age 12 and over.

There is a laundry room in the garage. Its a pretty slow fill due to the water pump, so I usually do laundry while preparing an evening meal. Inside the garage is a clothesline, and hangers, so you can move your stuff through the dryer process quicker. Extra trash bags, ziplocks, and rags are there on my custom bench! Outside is a hose to rinse gear. We have a few pieces of snorkel gear , and a bogey board, in the laundry room. but if you plan to do a lot of snorkeling, you are better off to rent gear in Kona, to get a proper fit.

The closest restaurants, groceries, and gas are to the south in the community of Ocean View. Its about a 10 minute drive, to go up the hill to the main Highway 11, turn right, then another 10 miles heading south to Ocean View., 25-30 minutes total. "Mehe" Restaurant and Bar, just south of OV on the left side has excellent local fish, grass fed beef, and great calamari. In OV are there 2 grocery markets, and 3 gas stations. By the Ace Hardware entrance is a sub, pizza, mex place, and a bakery. Food trucks are starting to show up too. Don't forget L&L Drive In, on the ocean side for local and Hawaiian food. Saturday is a farmer's market with food and arts and crafts. For a 50 minute drive from home, you can backtrack north towards Captain Cook, and find numerous burger, and local diners (some close at 7 pm!) , and also excellent Pizza at "Patz Pies". If you want to refill extra water jugs you can stop at Hookena.

To go to theVolcano area, get an early start , pack a lunch, and bring one or more of our coolers along. The town of Volcano has many restaurants, art and gift shops and is a gateway to the National Park. Refer to their website for events and guest speakers. ack some flash lights for later. Night is incredibly dark on the lava.

Fruit and vegetables are for your taking. The ground cover behind the driveway is a type of oregano. There are numerous papaya trees, a breadfruit tree, lilikoi vines, and a dwarf apple banana tree (extremely sweet). Luscious ground cover tomatoes are along the driveway, and below the house on the left. Grab a scissor to cut the tomato stems. Wash very well. Do NOT handle any snails in the gravel or driveway, as they can carry diseases. We also have Poinsettia trees , which blooms white flowers at Christmas, also Plumeria, palm, and orchid trees. We hope you enjoy our space. Our property was like new, but with little greenery when we purchased in 2011. It is still a work in progress! County:STVR# and NUC# pending:
HI GE Tax : #GE-072-859-443201.
HI TA Tax #TA-072-859-4432-01 Registration Number: HI+County++Vacation+rental+license++:++NUCR-20-1284,+expires+Aug,2022