Rick's Place

Rick’s Place Discover how to REALLY relax! Would you like to relax in your own peaceful pool that you share with no one, listening to your favorite tunes, while contemplating the vast expanse of the ocean right in front of you - amazing whales, spinner dolphins and colorful fish, the sunsets, and complete serenity, for less than the price of a resort hotel room? Then our home will be perfect for you. If you are like us, you want to do nothing but relax and disconnect while on vacation. We don’t like resorts, eating every meal out, sitting around a pool with 100 other people, or going to luaus. Rick’s Place is a cozy, romantic home, perfect for couples or best friends who want to catch up and hang out. Unwind, enjoy each other’s company, and disconnect from your crazy busy life. Stock up in town (we will even tell you the best places to shop), and then head down to the house on the cliff. Spend your days sitting around in the solar-heated pool, reading on the lanai or sitting by the sea wall. Watch the whales jump in the winter months (they will wake you up at night during whale season!), reading and talking, and cooking dinner on the gas barbeque or in our well-equipped kitchen while enjoying an icy cocktail. Milolii sunsets are the highlight of the day- no two are ever the same. Turn off all the lights and lay out on the chaise lounges and look at the moon and the Milky Way at night. Showering in the outdoor shower with the ocean breeze blowing on you is refreshing and revitalizing. Stereo system acoustics are great, and you can play music both inside and out by the pool. There is good Wi-Fi and Direct TV on smart TVs, as well as a Blu-Ray player. But we hope you don’t spend your days watching TV- it is too beautiful outside! There is a viewing area on the cliff where you can sit and contemplate the sea while enjoying your morning coffee or your evening libations. The Kona fishing fleet aims for the waters in front of the house, so sometimes you can witness a hook-up while staring out to sea (we provide binoculars). When the water is calm (the area is jokingly called Lake Kona because it is usually so flat!), it is crystal clear, and you can look down and see tropical fish and the occasional turtle or hammerhead shark swim by. Sometimes the surf is high and the waves crash against the cliff dramatically. One guest called the high surf “Hawaiian fireworks” which is a great description. The drive down from the highway takes you from 1500 ft. elevation to sea level across a lava flow. We remember our first impression! It’s a long, narrow, winding ride, but there are spectacular views on the way down. If you want to go to town every night or do a lot of sightseeing, the drive may be inconvenient. For a day trip every few days, it is no big deal. There is easy access to water and great snorkeling a short walk north of the house at the Milolii Beach Park. There is a walk in beach nearby in Milolii Village- Honomolino Beach is a great sandy beach. There are many beautiful beaches and good restaurants within an hour’s drive. Our house is centrally located between Kailua-Kona and Volcanoes National Park. If you need supplies during your stay, there are well-stocked grocery stores 20 minutes south, in Ocean View. Our home has one bedroom, 1.5 baths, plus an outdoor full bath with a shower overlooking the ocean. Every room in the house except the half bath offers up an ocean view. Kitchen is easy to cook in and is well-appointed, and the living area is furnished very comfortably and is open and breezy. Bedroom and living room glass French doors open to the ocean view and breeze. The wrap-around lanai includes a small solar heated pool. Why is the house called Rick’s Place? We bought the house from our good friend from Maui, Rick. For years, we would visit Milolii with him. We have always loved Rick’s Place, Milolii and all the wonderful people we have met there. We are thankful to Rick, who agreed to sell us our favorite place on earth, and our friends in Hawaii, who have helped up to make this dream come true. We loved it so much, we moved here from California. We now live a few miles up on a coffee farm, so we are close by if you need anything. We hope you enjoy and cherish your time here as much as we do. *NOTE* Because our home is not near resort areas, we want to make sure it is the right experience for you. As soon as you reserve our property, you will have access to our phone numbers and we would love to talk to you. Call Melanie right away if you are unsure if our house is right for you. We will cancel the reservation and refund your full deposit if after our conversation you want to stay somewhere different- we will even help you choose other locations. We can easily communicate through the Homeaway portal when you make an inquiry too. Our Hawaii Tax number# W26310508-01 STVR#19356815 NUC#19-888 Registration Number: GE-204-395-5200-01, TA-20