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HawaiiGaga.com is Hawaii's vacation rental directory and condo guide. We've been helping vacationers discover Hawaii's vacation rentals since 2008. Our carefully curated directory contains over 10,000 rentals and is the easiest way to find oceanview, oceanfront and beachfront rentals because we manually categorize each rental. Feel free to contact us if you need help with your holiday planning - we are Hawaii's vacation rental experts!

Hawaii Condo Guides

HawaiiGaga's comprehensive condo guides feature aerial photos, thousands of guest reviews, and an impartial AI summary of reviews so that you can find the perfect condo.


maui condos
Maui has the largest selection of beachfront condos in Hawaii.
Maui Condo Guide

Big Island

big island condos
The newest condo developments are on the Big Island.
Big Island Condo Guide


kauai condos
Kauai features a variety of interesting choices with incredible vistas.
Kauai Condo Guide