Pali Ke Kua #108

For a truly awesome spectacle, Pali Ke Kua #108 has a ""ring-side seat"" for possibly the most beautiful sunset in the Hawaiian Islands. Just out the sliding glass door is a paved beach trail leading to a white sand beach and private recreation area. You can walk to the on-site restaurant, Hideaways Pizza Pub, and golf and tennis are a short stroll away.Pristine Hanalei Bay awaits you in just a 5 minute drive down the hill for surfing, sailing, fishing, boogie-boarding, or just plain relaxing at the beach.

*Please note this condo does not have AC*

As a guest at Pali Ke Kua #108 & RE/MAX Kauai, you'll have access to Kauai's Premier Concierge Service at we will help you build your perfect vacation.

On Island After hours & Emergency contact number Cyrila Pycha * Angela Pycha * Email:

HAWAII TAX ID: 110-914-3552-01

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