Kailua main upper

IMPORTANT NOTE: With the unfortunate passing of Bill 89, Hawaii seemingly does not want to accommodate families in whole home rentals on a short term basis outside of resort areas, which Kailua is NOT. It is very sad, as we are a tourist destination, but the City and County quickly passed sweeping legislation to make up for not addressing anything constructive regarding short term rentals for 30 years! Now they want to impose stiff penalties to owners of short term vacation rentals to accommodate a few (but loud) group of opponents including those that were operating illegally on the premise they were not paying taxes on their income received. WITH THAT SAID, LET ME BE CLEAR. I have joined a legal lawsuit against the City and County for an injunction on this unfair and all-encompassing legislation, especially as a law-abiding and tax-paying local resident that provides not only a valued service to my community, local jobs and (substantial) additional tax income to the State, in hopes to defining a resolution that will allow us a legal path in which to continue to operate under Hawaii law. Currently I do not have a NUC permit (only 808 issued up to 1989 for B and B's and small "condo" units in resort areas only) and the registration for permits are not going to be issued till October 2020 after eventual requirements and processes are further defined. Until then, I can only continue to operate within the parameters of the law as it is defined until the law can be redefined to benefit not only the State and its local residents, but also the tourists that want to visit our beautiful island (reminding the State that tourism remains to be our #1 economy ... for now). If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us for clarification on this bill and actual availability as the calendar will show it blocked out even if it may be available. This home located at (deleted due to Craigslist scammers) and can accommodate up to 14 people comfortably. Hawaii Tax (Transient Accommodation License) ID No. TAT-009-797-6320-01 and (General Excise Tax License) ID No. GE-009-797-6320-01. This is the UPSTAIRS portion of the home located at (address deleted due to Craigslist scammers) in Kailua, Hawaii. This modern, newly remodeled home can accommodate a family up to 7. This is a 4 bedroom home that can be split in half to accommodate smaller parties without paying for the extra space. The rate is $15,000/mo for half the house which is a 2 bed/2bath, 2,100 square feet modern home. We prefer to not rent the Upstairs and Downstairs portion of the home out at the same time but merely just give an option to closing half the house off in downsizing it as a smaller option for a more economical price for smaller parties with all the benefits of location and amenities. The rate for full 4 bedroom/4bathroom, 5200+ square feet, is $30,000/mo with $500 cleaning fee. Each level has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen/bar, living room, dining area, lounge area and laundry facilities. This home also comes with all the beach gear you need including kayaks to paddle to the Mokulua Islands and a luxurious outside shower to wash the beach off. The rate for half the house plus taxes and cleaning fees and a deposit equal to one half the rent. With only steps away to the beach, this home is situated between the island's two best beaches, Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach. Walk to restaurants, shops or hike the Pill Boxes. Don't fight parking and traffic when you have everything you need right at home. This home is equipped with luxury linens, complimentary stocked supplies and everything you need for fun in the sun, babies and the beach. If we don't have it, just let us know and we will most likely provide given enough notice. We include high speed wifi, HD DVR TV's (to record your favorite shows and skip the commercials) in every room along with complimentary premium channels. All bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning for a comfortable sleep while the rest of the home has an open and airy design to take advantage of the windward offshore breezes.