Rates: $529 - $749 / night
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Bed types: KK (sleeps 7)

Ocean's Paradise

Aloha Future Guests, In regards to COVID: We are serious about cleaning and keeping you safe! Cleaning: We have stepped up our cleaning in response to COVID-19. The following areas have enhanced cleaning: High-touch surfaces such as... doorknobs, tables, countertops, light switches, hard-backed chairs, phones, TV remote controls, toilets, sinks, and faucets. Disinfecting: Cleaning visibly dirty surfaces is not enough. These surfaces need to be disinfected along with towels and linens. Our EPA-registered, safe, disinfectants kill germs on surfaces. Killing germs after surfaces are cleaned helps lower the risk of spreading infection. Supplies: For good measure, we are including additional supplies to all of our guests. Please use these supplies to keep your family safe while in our home and around the island of Maui. Initial supplies provided upon arrival: face coverings, hand sanitizing wipes, and liquid hand sanitizer. PROPERTY DESCRIPTION If you're looking for the right place to stay on Maui, consider our newly purchased (and remodeled) home in Puamana Community. The beauty of leaving your neighborhood, flying to this island, and staying in Puamana is that you end up somewhere new that also feels like home. The home is a very large 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom 1500 sq ft space with a reverse floor plan and a upper grand room with views of the ocean! This open floor plan is great for spending time with the whole family and making memories that last a lifetime! The folks who live in this spacious, secure, 30-acre complex are a peaceful mix of residents and visitors. Those you meet are likely to smile and nod, even if they've never seen you before, and then once they've seen you, you'll feel like family! Your quiet, clean townhouse will give you the private relaxation you crave, but the gorgeous common areas are what really set Puamana apart. Once you're ready to venture out of your personal honeymoon suite, you will love exploring together and taking full advantage of the amenities. (And if you’re here for a wedding or a family trip with the kids tagging along, so much the better!) The common areas are elegant, unique, and honestly delightful. When was the last time you swam in a pool that didn't just overlook the ocean, but seemed to be a part of it? One of Puamana's three pools is reserved for quiet rest and relaxation, and it sits literally on the edge of the sea. As you cut through the silent water, watch the ocean waves hit the shore just below, and take in the view of the islands across the channel, you may feel pleasantly transformed. Make sure to stretch out for awhile on the lounge chairs, like an exotic cat. (Well, a mostly hairless cat wearing reef-safe sunscreen and a hat!) If you enjoy reading fiction as much as you like imagining it, you are sure to love Puamana's extensive lending library. This clean, comfortable, cozy room - positively brimming with books - is located in the Mediterranean-style Clubhouse, not far from the coastal pool. The darkened room is impeccably kept and organized alphabetically by author. (Are you excited, yet?) And if there's a title on your mind that you don't see on the shelves, Lahaina Town - boasting half of the island's four bookstores - is just a half mile away. Once you've absorbed your new literary finds, you needn't lug them home, either; simply add them to the library! Puamana's larger pools, the Dolphin Pool and the Mountain Pool, are a bit inland. Everyone is welcome to splash and play here! The Dolphin Pool is accessible to all abilities, too; once you give prior notice to the manager, a portable poolside lift can bring you into the water with ease. Children can shout, run, and climb off some energy on the small play structure right next to these two pools. One of you can watch the little ones play, and another can lie back and float, running supervisory interference inside the chain-link fence. Maybe . . . flip a coin? While spending time at Puamana, you can host a dinner party in the oceanfront gazebo, hit some balls on the tennis court, throw a frisbee on the expansive lawns, and work out in the exercise room (or at least consider it; this is a vacation, after all!). If you'd prefer ocean spray on your face and sand between your toes, Puamana's shoreline invites exploration. Pick your way among coral rubble, stones, and driftwood, and watch for the whales in winter while gazing at the boats moored offshore. Whatever you choose to do, remember - you're on island time! But what about island time gone by? This west side shoreline and the surrounding areas were originally called Kauapaupili, which translates to both "the rain stops here" and "mist that comes down from the mountain." Before the current complex completed construction in the late 1960s, the region was used for the cultivation and harvest of sugar cane. In fact, a sugar cane train used to make its way down to the shore here, to collect beach sand and purposefully spread it along the tracks as an aid in braking. (Nowadays, the complex utilizes speed bumps.) The Pioneer Mill acquired this land in the 1920s. The mill manager built his home and the shoreline pool, along with homes for his employees and guests. The last mill manager retired in 1966, the land was bought by developers, and Puamana as we know it took shape. When it comes to the renaming of the area, it is said that Puamana was the nickname of an ancient Maui chief who gave generously of himself whenever his people were in need. Mana means "life energy" or "power," and pua means "flower." Maui flowers are awe-inspiring, but the most powerful draw these islands possess is the ocean. When you want to experience the Pacific from Puamana, you can go straight into the water from your rental, or you can drive along the coast. Heading right for a moment or two will bring you to Puamana Beach Park, where you'll find small waves good for surf or SUP practice, as well as amenities to make a whole beach day of it (think barbecues!). Add a few more miles, and you'll reach the incredible snorkeling reef at Olowalu. Launuipoko Beach Park - with its natural saltwater wading pool just perfect for toddlers - is in between. And if you go left instead (we're not sure which direction is the red pill and which is the blue), you'll reach Lahaina Town! Lahaina's world-renowned Front Street is an experience in itself that can easily last two days. Unique art galleries showcase strange and wonderful pieces alongside Picasso and Renoir. There are more fun shops than even the most seasoned shoppers can handle, though you're welcome to try and get back to us. Hawaiian history and culture buffs will love visiting the museums, watching the hula shows, and discovering the sites along the Lahaina Historical Trail. And we haven't even gotten to the food, yet! Front Street offers everything from delicate, locally-caught fish dishes to delicious calzones. You'll also find Vietnamese, Mexican, Thai, and Indian restaurants, along with a late-night spot specializing in comfort food. Sip an assortment of smooth cocktails, beer, and wine from your table overlooking the rolling waves, and don't forget the live entertainment - always in full swing at dinner time! For dessert, grab a Hula pie, a huge chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven (which is very hot, so don't actually grab it), a creamy gelato, a delicious double scoop of ice cream, or a thick milkshake. (We don't know about you, but we are now hungry. Again.) By the way, to combine your love of the ocean with your love of good food, you can climb aboard a sunset dinner cruise that leaves right from Lahaina Harbor! The Puamana Community offers you a feeling of home while you are on vacation. You can delight in the pools, bask in the Clubhouse, and relish your proximity to snorkeling, surfing, paddleboarding, sightseeing, shopping, live entertainment, and restaurants. You may enjoy Puamana Community Townhomes so much that - like the whales - you'll return every year, and always know where to find your place on Maui. We look forward to having you very soon. Aloha! TAX REGISTRATION NUMBER GE & TAT #: 071-801-8560-01 Registration Number: GE-071-801-8560-01, TA-07